Represents freshness, balance, and love for nature. Naturally, alludes to positivity. It's the color that represents:  "go". This darling style is our Turquoise Hand smocked Dress


Represents dependability, loyalty, and calmness. Inspires: peace & trust. Ideal color to wear for going to school. Featuring our Blue Scallop Dress



Evokes energy and vibrancy. The ideal color for your little girl to wear on a playdate since it's fun & playful. Featuring our beautiful orange hand-smocked dress



Bright + energetic! Represents warmth, positivity, and cheer. Gives an impression of happiness and excitement, The perfect color for your little girl to wear for a birthday party or a fun celebration. This darling dress is our Mara Yellow Dress 


Perceived as feminine, soft and delicate. Bright + vibrant tints of pink evoke a bold modern appeal. Known for its friendly and light-hearted appeal. Featuring our Light Pink Dress


Known to represent creativity, royalty and spirituality. Evokes serenity and artistry. Darker shades are great to wear for special occasions and lighter shades are more feminine. Featuring our Cupcake Smocked Dress



Represents power and elegance. Black evokes a timeless + bold appeal. Often used in fashion. Featuring our classic Black Smocked Dress