1. The outfit 

Figuring out what she'll wear for the next pictures doesn’t have to be a huge fight! Let me let you in on a little secret:

Make sure to draw colors from your location and incorporate them into her wardrobe. In the picture below, I went to a beautiful garden and my daughter was wearing a gorgeous light color dress. Everyone loves things that match or inherently blend into one another, it's very pleasing on the eye. I think that's what people are attracted to. 

 My daughter is stlying our Celine Blue Dress   in one of our favorite gardens


2. The Location

One of the most essentials aspects of portrait photography is picking a great location. That's why it's important to plan what will be your next location at least a day before. Your choice will drive all other decisions about the shoot, including what lighting and props to take, which clothes your little girl should wear, and the most suitable poses to use.

My daugther wearing a beautiful Light Blue Dress in a beautiful garden


3. The perfect time

Find a quiet, secluded location is not as difficult as it might seem. That's why it's very important to find the right time when you won't be encountering too many people in the specific location where you want to take her next picture. 

 My little girl styling a darling Blue Smocked Dress I went to this garden at around 6:00 P.M when it was quiet and peaceful.


4. Natural Lighting 

I love shooting outdoors, my theme is gardens and parks. When shooting outdoors it's important to avoid the direct midday sun as this produces very harsh shadows. Look for some light shade such as an overhanging tree or covered seating area, where the sunlight is softer and more flattering. Alternatively, shoot in the morning or early evening when the sun isn't as strong. I usually preffer shooting on early evenings, since the light is perfect and the location won't be too crowded. 

My daughter styling our beautiful Shelley Plaid Dress enjoying a beautiful day


5. It's all about having fun!

Your daughter will be your model and you have to make sure she's having a good time during the photo shoot. I usually play games while taking the pictures. Make sure she's also in the mood for a fun photo shoot. Ask questions about her favorite games, songs, colors, animals, etc. Remember The posing requirements for a portrait of your children are very different than for a: family, fashion, sports or other types of photography. You can think about posing once you’ve decided what type of photo you are going to create. 

My little girl styling a Beautiful Floral Dress and listening to songs we used to sing when she was a baby


In the end what really matters is how dedicated you are to your passion for photography. Best advise is to at least take one picture everyday and I'm pretty sure you'll be amazed of the results after a couple of months.