Hello Lovelies! We're so happy to have the chance to work together with the talented Allyson McCurry and little London for featuring the Melly Moo Mint Dress. We would love to share with you her lovely photos and a little more about herself.

1.) Tell us a bit about your background. Where are you from and how did you get your start in photography?

I am a 27 year old mother of 3 from a very small town in North Alabama :) I actually went to school to do hair and after doing that for about 2 years I was bored with it. Then I gave birth to my youngest daughter and she had a few complications and I was unable to go back to work. I had bought a DSLR camera when I was pregnant but had no idea where to begin with it. Then I met this amazing gal (my now BFF) and she was sweet enough to teach me the basics of my camera. :) I guess, as they say, the rest is history. ;) Ok, that was corny. 

2.) If there is one thing you want us to know about you what would it be?

I am very new, last October made only 1 year since I started this awesome journey into photography, I have met so many new people, and made so many new friends along the way. I love it and love being able to contribute and provide for my family while doing something I really truly enjoy :) 

3.) Are there any memorable images or shoots you could share with us? What made them special for you?

My most memorable shoot would have to be that of the sweetest little family in the world- Brian, Morgan, and Sailor Whisenant. My Mom and Morgan's Mom were best friends in high school. But we went to different schools so we didn't really know each other very well. Morgan's wedding was my first "big" hair appointment when I first got out of school. I was so nervous! Then when I started in photograpy she was the very first person to pay me for my services :) Last September Morgan had an appointment with me for family pictures. She had the appointment scheduled for a few months and I hadn't seen them in a while but we kept in touch through facebook. But I was not at all prepared for what I saw when I got there. At only 26 years old, Brian had been diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer and I literally didn't even recognize him. He was very weak but managed to keep his spirits up and we got lots of awesome family shots. Sadly, after a very short 6 month battle, Brian passed away on October 7, 2012. Only 4 days before his daughter Sailor's 3rd birthday. Morgan has been so strong through all of this, they are one of those people who would do anything for anyone, never have anything bad to say about anyone. Truly nice, kind people who love their little girl so much. So Glad to have had the opportunity to capture what would be their last family pictures. 

4.) Where do you find inspiration to keep your photography creative and unique?

Browsing Pinterest, Music videos, magazines. Sometimes I have no idea where my ideas come from, they just pop into my head ;) 

5.) Please describe your photography style to our readers.

Hmm. I'm not sure? Vintage, shabby chic-ish ;) 

6.) Tell us about your children?What do you admire most about them?

My husband Josh and I have 3 children. Garrett is 10, he is the loud, funny, crazy one. He is known for his crazy hair and mad dancing skills. Keilan is also 10 (5 months younger than Garrett) confused yet? lol Garrett is Josh's son from a previous marriage and Keilan is mine. We met when they were almost 3, so they don't know life without one another <3 Keilan is very kind, thoughtful and shy. Always worried about other people's feelings and such a caring and sweet guy. London is 2 1/2. She is the definition of DIVA ;) Very loud, demanding, spoiled, and crazy ;) She pretty much gets what she wants whenever she wants it. As bad as i want her to be a girly girl, she is very much a tomboy. Sigh... 

7.) Where can readers find you on the web?

Being so new, I don't have an official website just yet. My page can be found on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/allysonmccurryphotography