We teamed up with Katy Bjork of Birdie Baby Boutique for a fun styled shoot and love her hairbow designs! She creates many of these lovely hair accessories and home decor for your little girls.

Please, tell us the story behind Birdie Baby Boutique. How did you start?

I started designing in 2010, when I had my daughter Delainey. My style has always been a little more indie-vibe and I wasn't finding anything that seemed to suit my taste. She was a total baldi-locks so she NEEDED something on her head. I started selling the designs to offset the cost of supplies and my facebook page just took offf!

(Hairbow: Vindie and Vine Satin Rosette by Birdy Baby Boutique; Dress: Bellavani)

How do you manage to run a business and be a mom?

Its tough. Especially since my husband is a pilot, which clearly means lots of traveling and time away from home for him. I hired an assistant this year and she has been an amazing addition to my business-- not only is she great for keeping a shorter turnaround time, her working allows me to spend more time with my children. There are days when it is harder than others, and they do complain about the time i spend in the studio, but I always do my best for them, and when I need to shelf work to give them some attention, I make sure I do that. I'd say that is the best part of working from home.

What style defines Birdie Baby Boutique?

Gosh... it's tough to describe your own style... but I try to keep my designs modern and fresh with a vintage twist.

(Hairbow: Peaches and Dreams Singed Satin Flower by Birdie Baby Boutique; Dress: Doris)

What is your favorite part of owning a business? The creative outlet it provides me + the friendships I've cultivated through it. It's been a fun ride!

What is the hairbow you enjoyed making the most and where do you get your inspiration?

I have too many favorites to pick just one... but I like custom work best. It's always new + let's me creative juices flow! I get my inspiration everywhere... sometimes it an outfit, colors in a room I like, a bird I think is beautiful, or just a fabric print itself.

Birdie Baby Boutique

Facebook: www.facebook.com/birdieboutique

Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/babybirdieboutique?ref=si_shop