Hello lovelies! We recently had the chance to interview the beautiful and lovely Ms. Anna-Marie Wayne. For those of you who don’t know, Ms. Anna-Marie is a British actress hosting her lovely women's lifestyle channel It's Me, Anna-Marie! A light hearted magazine style show for women. You'll find beauty, fashion and hair, cooking and crafts, fitness, parenting tips, must have products and fun fabulous finds! Plus a whole lot of laughs!

Tell us about you and your family?

I have an amazing husband who I have been married to for nearly 11 years and two gorgeous (completely unbiased!) children. They are Jonah, age 4 and a half, and Willa who is 2 and 3/4!  Both of them have huge personalities, are very creative, very willful (haha) and never let me sleep!  I also have my wonderful parents, 3 siblings and a big extended family. Family is very important to me and is definitely the biggest priority in my life.

What inspired you to start Anna-Marie?

I've been an actress my whole life, and about a year and a half ago I went back to L.A with the whole family for a few months (we had previously lived there for 6 years before starting a family), to pursue some things on the acting front. But while I was there I went in to have a meeting with some people at Maker Studios, which is one of the leading YouTube networks that produce content for YouTube, and they had just been given investment money by YouTube themselves to create some channels for mums. I thought that sounded like a fantastic idea and when I went in they suggested that I might like to do that being an actress and also a mum and it kind of just went from there!

What will readers find when they go there?

I describe it as being a Magazine style show for Women.  So you'll find fashion, make-up and hair, cooking, fitness, parenting tips, crafts,  fun fabulous finds and lots more!  Basically if I think it'll make your life easier or more fun, then I will share it with you!  It's also a place where us women can really come together and feel like they're part of a community.  I love getting the feedback from my subscribers, and I completely tailor my show to their requests and interests.

What do you love best about your job? 

That I get to be creative and merge my love of performing with the biggest love of my life, my children.   I am largely able to work my hours around my children and that is very important to me.

Define your channel in three words.

It's Me Anna-Marie!!!  Haha!! 

Head on over It's Me Anna-Marie! Featuring Vindie Baby outfits for her little Willa in her Mummy & Me Summer fashion segment. Get a chance to win an outfit by Subscribing to her page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ07u7lo7do

Enjoy and have a lovely day!