Excited to share this 1950’s inspired photoshoot by Christine Brickett for CG Photography. Take a look at this beautiful set using some Vindie Baby pieces as she sweeps us back in time. Special thanks to Christine for sharing these photos with us.

Photographer: Christine Brickett for CG Photography
Location: Wells, ME
Models: Anna, Cailey, Connor, Griffin & Rhys
Styling: Christine Brickett & Kim Woodward
About Christine Brickett: "I’m Chris! I am one of the lucky ones who grew up in a family of amazing artists who constantly encouraged creativity! Born and raised in New England, I started as a photography major in college and most recently have come back to it.. I feel blessed, really blessed! My husband & children are amazingly supportive in every way . I am incredibly inspired by fashion & in most cases I style my own shoots. I would say my style of photography has an ethereal vibe to it. My ultimate goal is to create images that exude emotion... I often ask my subjects to have a thought behind their pose, it's much easier to tell a story when the subject is telling it through their eyes.


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Mon Lapin French Dress
Sammy Floral Dress
Lucien Pink Dress